Which earrings for short hair?

Which earrings for short hair?

More and more women are preferring short hair to long hair. Lighter and easier to maintain, short cuts are certainly attractive, but are quite complicated to wear. To remain feminine on a daily basis, use and abuse earrings.

 Gold and silver earrings: for timeless elegance

Earrings are an unstoppable feminine ally for those with short hair. To sublimate the short cut on a daily basis, opt for sleepers or mini-hoops. Thin dangling earrings are perfect for dressing up the neck nicely. To refine an outfit with a nice neckline, however, prefer more extravagant models. On the color side, prefer gold and silver. In addition to matching all colors of clothing, they have the advantage of being timeless and can be worn in all circumstances. Gold and silver earrings also go well with all skin tones and hair colors.

Earrings set with stones: for a matching outfit

Do you particularly like to wear colors on a daily basis? The earrings set with semi-precious stones from the Nilaï Paris brand will suit you perfectly. Moonstone, Agate, Turquoise, Carnelian or Chalcedony among others: you are spoiled for choice. Choose the one that suits you based on its color or aura. These stones are expressly imported from remote Asian regions and India for you. To dress up your ears, Nilaï offers sleeper and dangling earrings and thin mini-hoops with stones in various colours.

Are your ears pierced in more than one place? Multiply the models of earrings. Combine mini-hoops and sleepers with stud earrings for a feminine and daring look. For more originality, also dare to mismatch your earrings. In this case, opt for two models whose style complements each other.