What is a Trilogy ring?

What is a Trilogy ring?

The Trilogie ring is a real tribute to the beauty and refinement of women. With its three stones – originally three diamonds – this type of ring catches the eye. Each stone has its particularity. The Trilogy ring is a symbol of time: the past, the present and the future.

The Trilogy ring to symbolize life together

The Trilogy ring marks the three fundamental stages of a couple's life. Having a deep meaning, it is offered to celebrate an engagement or a wedding. Some models play on the difference in size of the stones, with the one in the middle larger than the two others that frame it. Beyond engagement and marriage, the Trilogy ring lends itself today to many occasions with designs and models that are reinventing themselves.

The Trilogy ring: how to wear it?

All combinations of stones are now possible, as are the layout and shape. The embossed and asymmetrical models are for many women the ideal accessory to mark their elegant and chic style. This asymmetry allows the Trilogy ring to be juxtaposed with another ring, a thin ring for example. Larger models are ideally worn alone.

Which model of Trilogy ring to wear every day?

Designer Trilogy rings are designed to be worn in everyday life, for different occasions, as a lucky charm or to assert your refined style. It is worn on the middle finger as well as the ring finger without restriction. Trilogy rings encrusted with three different colored stones are also very fashionable and are especially suitable for slightly more eccentric personalities. This model also adapts to all outfits and allows each woman to choose the style that suits her.