What is a Marquise ring?

What is a Marquise ring?

The Marquise ring is the quintessential symbol of romanticism. Its history dates back to the time of Louis XIV, but it still retains its popularity. This ring stands out not only by its oval shape, but also by its refinement in the image of the one who wears it.

The ring of the King of France

The Marquise ring bears the name of the Marquise de Pompadour, the titular mistress of King Louis XIV. He thus orders a diamond that reflects this personality of the Duchess of Menars, a very beautiful, refined woman with a dazzling smile. The original diamond had 56 facets and shone brightly. The pointed ends were held by V-claws which tapered as the length of the diamond progressed. The Marquise ring has been taken up by renowned jewelers over the centuries and still attracts the attention of chic women. This model is now available in many variations, to be worn every day or for special events.

The ring of all fantasies

If it is not allowed to everyone to buy a Marquise in diamond of a size such as in its origin, all fantasies are allowed today and the creators compete in imagination. The stones come in different colors and appeal to all personalities. The materials are also transformed and reinvented to satisfy all tastes with gold or silver Marquise rings or a combination of both.

This type of ring goes wonderfully with all styles, provided it is worn alone. She dresses the most elegant evening outfits for a gala or a specific evening. It also brings a classy touch to the everyday feminine look. The Marquise ring can also be associated with a fine bracelet.